We (as in the hosting that was set up) configured our servers to host Boonex Dolphin... Just Dolphin, anything else could be hosted but if the requirements for hosting other scripts required more or less than what was on offer (as far as setup of the servers go), More... we could handle, Less or a change in configuration to host something other than Dolphin (which might / might not, whichever the case may be would compromise a dolphin site) would not be welcome on our servers.

So, again I say see more that what Boonex are requiring from hosts to be suggested as a preferred or recommended host is absurd.

$100, what could you do with that money, let alone a business that is attempting to establish itself in the market place.

I am an affilaiate marketer of products ( some successful, some not so very successful) but do I get $100 for referring something to somebody... Not on your life. For most it is 1 - 20% of the paid amount (ie. the cost of the service or product). 20% being an exception to the rule of affiliate marketing, it would mostly be closer to 1 - 5%.

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