So, just for arguments sake the $$$$ dollar hosts that are around that Boonex has readily promoted now or in the past, How, even if they are a huge company do they make money off people hosting Dolphin sites with them when they need to pay Boonex $100 for the recommendation (referral).

It is beyond me how they can do this..... and so now I think I shall leave this post as I can not work it out in my mind how any company BIG or small hosting service or company would survive having a payment structure see more that is what is required from Boonex.

If any other hosts, or hopefull hosts can shine some light on how they would survive (as a Boonex preferred or recommended host) and have to pay out that kind of money (Remember: BoonEx would like to receive $100 (+ ongoing commission interest also preferred) commission per referral.) then please let me know so I may re-enter the marketplace with an affordable, efficient and Boonex Dolphin optimized hosting service that Boonex would readily promote.
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