I see merit in a facebook clone in a specialized community, but it should not mimic the theme right down to the colors and fonts. Ease of use? Yes. Simple layout? Yes. Exact duplicate with no changes other than a domain name? NO! If your intent is to compete with facebook, you'll need a new idea and thousands of dollars in development costs. Installing dolphin 7 on a shared hosting account with a facebook theme applied IS NOT GOING TO CUT IT.

Fortunately, most dolphin users are running a specialized see more and isolated community, whereas a similar look to facebook will give members something they are used to, but the content and members will be completely focused on the same thing that they are. You still need to think outside the box on this one though.

Last note - is there a tutorial posted for a quick join home page like the one in the second screenshot? This is something I'd like to implement on my site to boost member join rates, but don't want to head off in my own direction if someone already has a best practice!
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