I had my hosts instal EAccelerator for me and it took down my server (VPS) big time.

This from my Host:

Our monitoring system reported that apache service is down in your vps xxxxxxxxxxxx.xxxxx. After further investigation we are able to locate many SSL related error in your configuration files:
[Wed Oct 06 18:40:44 2010] [warn] Init: You should not use name-based virtual hosts in conjunction with SSL!!
PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/' see more - /usr/local/lib/php/extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20060613/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory in Unknown on line 0
eAccelerator: shmmax should be at least 2MBPHP Warning: [eAccelerator] Can not create shared memory area in Unknown on line 0
PHP Fatal error: Unable to start eAccelerator module in Unknown on line 0
[Wed Oct 06 18:41:02 2010] [warn] RSA server certificate CommonName (CN) `localhost' does NOT match server name!?
[Wed Oct 06 18:41:02 2010] [warn] Init: SSL server IP/port conflict:

Any ideas?

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