Plagiarism like theft will thrive and blur the lines between true and false where it is tolerated.

It is in the long-term interest of Dolphin to have a zero tolerance policy with regard to that. I am sorry "three strilkes you are out" - whilst fair in the sporting context - is too lenient when it comes to plagiarism. The rule should be - one strike and you are out.

It seems fair though that the one claim the infringement should provide full disclosure about the nature and extend see more of the plagiarism so that Boonex is able to arbitrate fairly and justly by:

1. removing the contested items from the market place pending the resolution of the complaint.
2. providing the accused party with the full details of the complaint and the opportunity to refute the allegations in writing,
3. Boonex in its sole discretion making a fair and reasonable call whether the complaint should be upheld

Jtadeo's side-by-side comparison: makes a call on this a no-brainer

Creative not protected means that we will have to be content with mediocrity - That's clearly not what we want - We all and Boonex more than anyone else stands to benefit by providing a protected space for the best creative minds to be attracted to this community.

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