Boonex Sucks BIG TIME.

too many bugs.
I thought about making a site much like fb, but decided I don't need it. What is this "Boonex Sucks BIG TIME. too many bugs"?

I don't see any requirement for people to use this script in order to have a social networking site. In fact, there are other scripts out there. It's a big world go get them.

I will say, in the 40+ years I have been around programming and computers, I have NEVER seen a program that didn't have bugs. It is guaranteed that if there is a program, there will be see more bugs. That's the way it is, unless you just create a simple, one page html site. Then you have problems with being limited on the features you can have.

If you don't like the bugs, why don't you contribute to finding and fixing them rather than slamming the script. No, it isn't perfect. Yes, if you go to a site which analyzes the coding use in Dolphin there are some major for functioning and efficiency. Every script will have problems like that. New technology evolves every day which makes things previously coded become obsolete and slower than the new stuff.

If you want to try to code a script like this and keep up with the changes required, I will be interested in seeing what you come up with.

This script isn't perfect. I haven't found one that is. I don't think you will either.

I for one have spend a lot of money on this script and mods for this script. I am well pleased with what I have.
If I never make any money form my site, I have learned a great deal and I have had a lot of fun. Sometimes frustrating, but most of all fun.

Facebook? Someone is too used to going to a fast food joint and ordering the same thing all the time.. This ain't McDonalds people..
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