Hello; I am new to Dolphin and I look forward to hopefully years of growth and good fortune using this software. I understand, appreciate and agree with most of the comments made here, but I would like to add the following;

Software developers should also maintain a platform that is stable, secure and easily upgradable. Gone are those days (or gone should be those days) where every version would be a nightmare to upgrade to a point where users stayed away from updates because it was a fearful see more experience (incompatibility issues and downtime).

Yes you have many fabulous 3rd party developers that create some wonderful snippets of code that make life a bit easier for us, but it could all fall apart on the next "big" version. I have noted this includes even the most simplest of templates or modules. Visiting forums and reading the different comments I noted that there were compatibility issues between two version that were released one after the other. This creates a nightmare for all of us; the developer, the third party developer (whose livelihood also depends on this) and of course the user. We are all in it together, if a product is good we all benefit and hopefully make a living.

If software was developed with some strict standardization and limited customization (by 3rd parties) then there would not be a need for such a drastic difference between versions of the same software. The next version released would be a gentle extension of the previous one with improved functionality and corrected issues or bugs. It seems this is not always the case.
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