Not providing templates in abundance to members is the best service possible.

Like mentioned it leaves the time to improve the actual functions of the software instead of the looks.

Having free templates ready and available would just cause billions of wannna be's to open a site with out even planning what that site would serve a purpose for.

...what would the web look like with ten thousand 'yahoo' or 'facebook' or 'youtube' look-alikes?

Please! Leave the design up to those willing to see more seriously invest in a 'one of the kind' design for their software as you are doing.

Let them buy the cake mix and icing separately :)

And one last thing, if any designers go WAY too cheap on design work, then they are adding to the problem.

We saw this happen in the past ten years in traffic exchanges online, first it started with the gurus owning million dollar sites, then every single affiliate out there decided to get one going to because the sofware was cheap BUT also some real shady designers came in offering website wrappings for $125.00 or less complete with a set of banners and splash pages.

This resulted in thousands of exchanges popping up all over the place - hence gone are the days of UNIQUE' website traffic exchanges.

Trust me - i designed a few - I know :)
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