Disagree and maybe one of several reasons why Dolphin 7 is not going to be a market leader. To expect the owner of a Dolphin to sort out the templates and hire a developer is silly. Is this system not supposed to be 'user-friendly'?

Quote above:
I have to admit, creating a template with the software currently is hard if you have little to no knowledge of web programming..

This is true. Why do you choose for the user and decide that having similar templates is a bad idea? Let the user decide. see more As for the templates needing the update etc. Well, make it modular and easier to integrate! I have been trying to find a good template or to customise Dolphin but it is hard to find one without paying lots of money. Some of the templates offered are really poor. Give users a reason to stay with Dolphin! Your first post above does not really encourage that and please do stop comparing yourself with Apple/Mac or other sites. Do something different and be the leader.
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