I agree with houstonlively and tomakali. The mobile app is far from a complete package and will require a lot of modification for most legitimate Dolphin sites. I've been in contact with several developers regarding adding "core" Dolphin 7 features to the mobile app and it is very expensive. I think that the permanent license should include access to the iPhone app, but I'd be willing to pay $99 for it.

I'm hoping that Andrew's response is foreshadowing an upcoming update to the see more iPhone app. Otherwise, the "it should be a more pricey item since they require submission" response is absolutely irrelevant to a typical user that needs to rebrand the app. If you look at the current pricing of the app, here's what it costs for us (a typical end-user) to submit a rebranded version of the app:

License from Dolphin for the Mobile app: $299
iTunes member fee to submit app to the app store: $99

Base cost: $398

So, just to get access to the app and submit it to iTunes, we have to pay around $400. This doesn't include the time or money that it would take to rebrand the app, create a proper login screen, and add core functionality (simple messenger, groups) that our end-users expect.
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