I think the decision to reduce pricing to $99 is a good one, however as a new customer to Boonex & Dolphin it seems that getting in touch with staff and dealing with issues - even getting a quote for certain things is a nightmare and puts off a lot of customers. One key thing for a customer is customer service and technical support, and these being top notch in comparison to other companies that offer a similar service.

Having an open ticket, with no reply from any1 in 15+ days see more when you were PROMISED before making the sale that customer service and support had significantly improved is a disgrace. Any future customers reading through your website and seeing many complain about this area and the lack of contact and support can only hinder sign ups to the software.

In my opinion it seems the impression I get as a customer is, you might pay less for the software than other companies such as SocialEngine but you also get poor service to match the low price - seems its the age old argument, you get what you pay for!
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