You said "I will not buy from a developer who has NOT answered basic questions."

I have to agree with you. I also have noticed there are several developers here that have shown they are only here for the money, And they have no interest in helping people unless it pertains to a mod that they sold them.
I refuse to buy any more mods from ilbellodelweb for this and few other reasons.
Thanks silverado350 for voicing your opinion. Nice pic (btw).

We should be able to flag certain vendors and require that they do better or stop selling products. The world is filled with people who can do and others who cannot. Not everyone should make mods or offer products if they are unwilling to fix or achieve community standards when it comes to products and services they offer in the Market.

Also, basic questions are easy questions. There is no reason for experienced Dolphin developers see more and programmers to refrain from easy questions. Hard questions require thought, so refraining to respond to hard or complex questions is understandable. This community will never be better until each member requires more from one another. Members should be talking about what "more" is and "more" should be reasonable and not burdensome.
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