I was not looking at it from the profitable point of view. Had I been doing that, I'd have already made the nulled version for that.
What I was saying was: Is it legally correct to do that or not.

And what Mag said: "attribution to the owner of the original work"
This in no way means the footers. I can do that simply by keeping a reference link to boonex at the bottom.

And furthermore, I was only meaning that in terms of developement, not money making. And if you're trying to supress see more developement, in lieu of trivial matters like staff salaries and sustainance, I think you should find ways to offer similar services like Joomla/WP, because like this you're curbing the competition, not being a part of it.
And btw, I never had a site of my own, I just make for others lol.
Nathan Paton
The license states that you must attribute the work (software) in the form of the author's (developer's) choosing. The links are a form of attribution, and is what the license is talking about when referring to the software.

From Creative Common's Attribution 3.0 license page (

Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

The see more key words here are "in the manner specified by the author or licensor," which means the work can be attributed in any form at the choosing of the author, which can include a footer (which is actually what many software also under this license use), or whatever else they prefer.

You're basically referring to nulling the script, which is a big no-no and any discussion of the sorts shouldn't even be allowed on this site (there are other sites of questionable characters which are dedicated to this, but they will not be named here). It doesn't matter if you meant to do this for commercial purposes or not. I know how to null this software with a single line of code, but refuse to do so out of respect for the developers and their business. I only ask you hold the same respect, along with everyone else.

In short: no, it is not legally correct to do this, nor ethically, for that matter.
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