I agree with tomakali,
The weirdest thing is that you've to run around looking for the mod developer to correct any kind of glitch whatsoever.
So, this would eliminate the need for this and save time. Also, one more minor effect it would have would be a better load time, since the callback would be removed. Also, If boonex faces any ddos attacks in future (as were the case in past) you'd be totally relieved of them. Earlier, if had a problem, all the dolphin websites used to have some see more or the other errors. Inability to login as admin, amongst one of them.

Mag, I agree with you totally. I would not do this though, but yet as a matter of fact, I'd try to accomplish it in any of test websites. No commercial gain on mind. :)
There is only one call to BoonEx during license registration, and NO requests to BoonEx after this (except some rear situation like domain changing).
So load time is not suffering from it at all !

Also It was not mentioned here that Dolphin license is Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License -
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