Without splitting hairs, "submarket" is still a market; you're saying that it is market within a market; it’s still a market. Even a submarket should still abide by the rules of the greater market unless the submarket is a "black market". This community should at least meet minimal standards of the greater market. "I don't care..." or "I don't have anything to do with the transaction" shouldn't be a message or standard set by Boonex even if it is factual. see more Expectations don't cost anything.

I don't know that 'having set standards' will guarantee higher satisfaction rates. I don't know that ultimately that satisfaction is an issue. Members (especially new members) would appreciate set standards to reduce [frustration rates]. For instance, I am satisfied with the product that I got from Derartmedia; it’s a cool product; installation came months after my purchase; the back-&-forth correspondence was enough to bury the continents of Africa & Australia in paper; but I can’t complain about the product. I am frustrated (still) by the lack of effective communication & productive cooperation that continues even now with Derartmedia. Don't get me wrong, some issues can't be resolved easily (but my issue isn't one of them), & I acknowledge that.

I appreciate your response; it’s good stuff; the things Boonex is going to do/doing is a step in the right direction. If your goal is to make Boonex great, great things must be done; &, members need to understand that & believe they are part of something great. In a community like Unity, with some very talented people (from what I can tell so far), you have a lot of resources at your disposal if you use them properly. Empower the members to be better & you will see it prosper & grow. Setting standards that control behavior, prosperity & growth is critical to the success of Boonex.

My blog should not be perceived (by any) as doom & gloom; it is more so feedback & frustrations venting.
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