@Andrew As a Boonexer your point is valid.
and I see anyakates is a "Developer"
and i see many unity members are "just modders"
heavily modding a website does not make it awesome...
and I am not a "developer" iam a "website owner"
modders wants to make money
developers wants to make money
website owners also wants to make money
since my life on Boonex, i was always wanting a nice feature for my website...
"feature" was available in see more unity market as x,y,z,f,c,k mods
i had to buy and worry about how to install these mods as x+y+z+f+c+k and present to my members
many times i failed...
if there are some people inside/outside boonex who is not just a "modder" but a real "developer"
who takes and convert D7 as "x-D7 news portal-$1000, y-D7 community portal-$1000, z-D7 aggregated Game Portal-$1000" and xyz-power portal-$5000

I WILL BUY with my eyes closed :)
because i will live a day longer as i just stop worrying about all the damn mods i purchased and the support after every upgrade...

@Andrew I urge you to encourage this and create a new position like "innovative developers" and separate them with your strict code conventions from the mini, micro, buggy modders
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