Elsweb -- thanks, and that was a very thoughtful to response.

I have to disagree with you about us having to take the bad. You are right, in life, we have to take the good with the bad because (generally) life is for the most part uncontrollable, but the Market is a controlled environment and the Master of this environment is Boonex and its agents. For example, I post something in the wrong area, I get a spanking. I use the wrong terms as a subject header in a post, I get spanked (rightfully) see more not only by agents of Boonex, but also by members. Unity is a Controlled environment.

In controlled environment, there are rules to control and mitigate undesirable behavior (e.g., production of bad mods). We (members) need to express our discontent in order for Boonex to set product and service standards. Your comment about instructions being inadequate is dead-on. How can instructions not be clear and detailed? How does one produce a product but not reveal how it is suppose to function? How does one provide a service but not explain what they intend to do before they do it and explain the outcome of the service they provide? Explanation isn't a burden; it is part of doing business; an expectation of doing business in the greater Market and should be in this market or sub-market. Even toothpaste comes with clear instructions and a 1-800 if you have questions. Toothpaste.

Andrew Boon has stated (above) that Boonex is taking the necessary precautions to address important issues as a first step. I take him at his word. I think you (and all members) should take him at his word as well. But, we all MUST hold him to it.
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