Valid points houstonlively, but that's another blog, is it not? You point about core improvements are all valid, but don't they apply to premium licensees who desire more functionality rather than some newcomer to Boonex Dolphin? For example, "making ... blue padlocks go away....OR create flash app skins...OR work on ways to speed up video processing and increase video quality. How about working on mobile apps that support popular third party mods like Spywall,,, there's plenty of opportunity see more in the mobile app"; isn't that chiz all applicable to premium members? What's the benefit or value to advanced users? What the chiz is some of that stuff?

I'm not suggesting the $99 isn't low, but before I bought it, I wanted it to be $50. It actually took me a little time to decide. Then, AFTER I bought it, I understood the value.

But, I don't see the value in the Premium license (for the obvious reason, I'm not a licensee). The current "Limited License" I think probably gives too much away (as is). So, Boonex creates a "Restricted License" with no Boonex brand with membership and traffic restrictions (based on whatever Boonex comes up with) for free unlike the Limited License. So the key difference: Restricted License (No brand, not scalable, but free); Limited License (brand, scalable, $50); Unlimited License (no brand, scalable, $99); Premium (you all know).

Site owners can scale their site via the purchase of a "Limited License" for $50 (now sold for FREE). The Limited License won't change (but probably could use some tweaking). So, ultimately, Boonex is not making a major change to pricing; it is adding a free version that is restricted, it's selling the NOW entry level version unrestricted license (that was free) for $50 with the Boonex brand, and so on and so forth.

Anya, still a great idea.
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