Thirdly: This is indirectly the same point which many of us discussed in the module pricing section. A one time high price was not favored by many. try to compare both the frames. What is Boonex doing? Its pricing its product for one time high price. ($99 isnt high price, but for beginners who want to test and bet the success of the website on the script- for them its a risky investment). This is going to finally hamper business.

Fourthly: Andrew was seen boasting of 100,000 members, while I have see more no reason to believe that only less than half of them are active. Had even 50% of them were active, there was no loss in licensing dolphin as mere $10/month
This would be a turnover of 50,000x10 = $500,000 from the script itself. Let alone other sorts of revenue sources for Boonex.

So, the point is: When there are modules in wordpress, Joomla which have been made free after so much of work done upon them, why do we not do it for boonex.
Atleast try to rethink upon the monthly licensing fee rather than 99/package. and a free test trial too.
There are are many other ideas of making Unity lively and vibrant with activity. I dont know what you all keep working at?

Dont tell me you all work for Magento as part time :P
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