If you like, I can make some calls to the cybercrimes division of the FBI here. I have dealt with them in the past, and they are pretty open to looking into new leads and since the servers reside indie the USA, it would be of their interest.
That's exactly what should be done. Not only are the servers in the US, but it is likely that a large portion of the attacking botnet or even command center is within the US as well. The trail leading to China could just be a smoke screen... maybe the responsible person is right here in the US. Really.... what are the odds of some guy in China commanding a botnet to attack Boonex for a lousy 10,000 bucks? That's chump change. There are people in the world that would pay much more than that, see more for control of a botnet like the one used on Boonex. No offfense to Boonex, but there are much bigger fish to fry, so why wouldn't they? It's either a colossally stupid extortionist, or more likely a disgruntled ex employee or competitor. Whoever it is, I think it's time they did some jail time.
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