It is absolutely f****** ridiculous that they think they will land themselves 10 grand. Yet I am not in any way surprised any more.

I see on one of the sites I recently took over, the amount of scamming is absolutely amazing. One could not fathom the ongoing efforts these people make; ESPECIALLY from Nigeria. But its corrupt companies that are the problem. Companies such as these pay sites, or in the case of the website I refer to, VLD which is a RUBBISH platform for poor souls wanting to build see more a dating site. Personally I was horrified that the previous owner of the site went with such a poor and limited software. But beyond the low quality of the platform, I have never seen such a bug infested software before. It has encrypted coding that allows these Nigerian scammers to send hundreds of email in seconds. Yet the admin, cannot actually perform the same actions or alter the locked code. It is as if they designed it themselves. Similarly, users with banned IP addresses still manage to return and spam/scam. I mean you should see the sick twisted emails they send to lonely blokes/gals around the world with promises of enduring love. Can you believe i have to monitor them all (unlike previous owner) and actually contact people to save them from being so gullible. Yet my time is precious and enough is enough...

...and of course, this is why I am here, rebuilding the entire site with Boonex and so far, I am extremely HAPPY with the quality of the software and the extent of the instructions at hand... I look forward to finishing so I can migrate my members, have a great site and be done with the VLD curse that I inherited!

Much appreciation to the Boonex team.
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