I have started keeping logs of all spammers that come to my site including their username, email address and IP. Search for them on where I found the person had a ton of accounts using different names but same IP. My chat rooms which are hosted in China also too a severe DDOS Attack from the end of February until about the third week of March. Our chat had to change servers three times as they got in there too. I vote that boonex have a forum set up to report our spammers see more so we can all be aware. If boonex chooses not to do that, there are a ton of sites which will post the info including all my sites. The spammers seem to come from China and India for the most part and try to get into all my dolphin sites, even being dumb enough to use the same name and email. Good luck with the legal case and I hope you snag these deadbeats who have nothing to do with their lives than to attack websites. Bet they were bullies on the play ground too.
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