Nathan Paton
"if i can post to boonex website from my D7 website admin/profile would be nice i felt..."

I don't see a reason to implement this.

"Member/Admin Poll[Andrew wont like this idea for sure]"

I'm trying to remember if we used to have this feature here. That said, I'm not against it, but it's usefulness would be questionable. I suppose it could be utilized in notes from the administrators.

"Wall[ doesnt have wall, maybe i dont know abt that]"

I don't see more view this site as an actual social network where I share on my profile whether or not I'm currently eating a sandwich. I don't see a reason to have a wall here, since it'd be overkill for the purpose of this site.

" apps[way to access boonex during next DDOS]?"

I'll leave others to ponder this question. I don't have a cellphone, so my answer would be horribly biased. In regards to accessing this site while it was under attack, the apps would also stop working, as there'd be nothing to connect to.

"Moderated Chatroom for Generic support/quick discussion by unity members"

I view this as overkill, since we already have the forums, which works nicely enough. I wouldn't be against something like an IRC channel, but I'm doubtful of its usefulness.

With all that said, I'm just your average Joe who also holds the ability to suspend people for two days. I'd like to see Andrew or someone else comment on this.
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