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Some good improvements - some serious bugs in your own administration system - not great for confidence - we upgraded to a 'Premium' account by paying $99 . . . .taken twice out of my paypal account . . . for some unknown reason . . . and then only got upgraded to 'Advanced' account . . . $5 worth of upgrade rather than the requested/paid for/accepted account!!!
. . . assuming this is a bug in your payment application components rather than anything deliberate . . . to further compound the see more problems we are experiencing - two weeks of trying to contact your 'support;' to get a refund of one extra payment and my account correctly updated and . . . . . . . nothing . . . . . thought Boonex was pretty cool until - it seems that you have to support your own clients . . . . you hit any kind of support or payment issue and the level of support is unacceptable to anyone who has worked in a service industry . . . especially IT/software delivery!!!

I turns out to be an almost impossible task just to find a contact email/(no phone number anywhere) or other way to communicate with yourselves, on the Boonex/Dolphin/Unity site. .. . except for a 'pre-sales' enquiry form which still received no reply . . but having parted with money which you have received, it is clear I am definitely not pre-sales - however the suggested alternative was totally unacceptable, . . . . I am not prepared to post my details/bank account/ etc etc on any public 'forum' help desk . . . site . . !!!
Can someone please help asap - please restore my faith in Boonex . . .
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