I like houstonlively's input on badges, if a dolphin module developer has a site that sells dolphin modules and have been approved by Boonex a badge of approval by Boonex would go a long ways.
This may increase sales for the developer but may also drive interest to checking out more modules on Boonex.com.

Something to indicate "This modules has not been certified by Boonex" is a good idea but having a message that incourages the buyer not to buy the module could hurt the developer.
If see more someone learns the module structure and can build boonex approved modules may not have the money to submit it for certification, especially if there are bugs and they need to submit a additional $20 for re-review.
What if you guys made a priority list, put the top well known developers at a higher priority and new and unheard of developers on a lower priority list without charging for the first 1 or 2 submissions.
It may take longer to be certified but it atleast gives them a chance to earn a few bucks towards future mods that would be submitted with a fee.

Just a suggestion, explain if and where i'm wrong.
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