Andrew Boon
I wouldn't rule our a possibility of batch-certification and discounts, or even some automated process for "trusted" Vendors, but putting vendor into "risky" is likely to just make them re-launch their profile with renewed listings. Also some products are good and trouble-less despite poor support. We have "Certified" for products and "Trusted" for developers. Another possibility to determine "Trusted" is to do public nominations like we did with see more "Pundits" before.
Ummm.... you're the one that came up with the 'Risky' category... not me.

I wouldn't use the public nominations for 'Pundits' as an example. Do you not remember all the nut jobs that became "pundits"? You can't go completely public with something like that. You don't need a bunch of clueless voters making choices.....just look what happens in the US when Democrats vote.

Just come up with a review panel made up of a few boonex staff members, and some community members. I still see more believe there should be several levels of 'Trusted' badges.
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