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I don't like it. Even more ... I hate it when every 3 or 4 months the layout of changes. I found my way through the former version, now you come up with a new one.

It's just becoming a Facebook and Twitter generation look-alike.

The multi-level approach of comments is confusing, never liked that kind of approach.

Please spend your time in serious developing and solving problems instead of fancy stuff like this. It's nothing more than that ... fancy.
Andrew Boon
There's an option tab to switch comments to "Flat" view, which is more traditional and works better when you want to track the latest replies. Threaded comments are good for those ho wants to read all the comments the first time and see the conversation hierarchy.

Comments are important by the way and your input on them too, since we're likely to use them as a prototype for Dolphin 7.1 comments update.
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