So does this mean that if a Developer wants to sell his mod and claims that it is compatible with all version of D7 and pays his $30 that Boonex will:

- Install the module on all versions of D7
- Test all functionality of the module with all compatible versions as advertised
- Examine code for any 'hidden' code that may contains link backs or anything else that would be considered a 'threat'

What will happen if Boonex accepts the money, approves the product, and once installed by a purchaser see more they immediately encounter issues. Will the seller be able to fall back on 'Well, BoonEx said it was OK'. Will Boonex actually have the ability and/or man power to accomplish these tasks?

Also, Since most upgrades to products are free, I would also have to disagree that the developer should not have to pay $20 for re-certification everytime they upgrade the product. A perfect example would be that the seller pays and provides the module for certification. Boonex finds errors. Seller fixes and pays another $20 for re-cert. More errors found, Seller fixes and re-submits for $20 more, etc. By the time everything is caught, they may have to sell the product for $100 just to try and get some of the money back from certification.

I would suggest maybe a 'yearly' fee for developers who want their products certified. But at the per module prices you have mentioned above, I doubt many are going to join in on this.
Exactly some of the reasons why developers, not products should be certified.
Of course if your product has problems they have to be fixed...maybe the 20$ will make developers put in the proper testing time to ensure their products are up to scratch before asking us to pay our hard earned $s for them !!! If you get the development right in the first place you will pay once ...problem over.
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