I like the way BoonEx.com is.
The site has come along ways.
I think the home page could have something similar to "What others are saying about us" or "As published on..." or something in that nature.

From my users i've gotten alot of "How do i...", "This is different, but cool"
Me and a user have been communicating back and forth via the IM and sharing confidential project layouts using files and protecting them via custom privacy groups, this has leant see more me a business partnership for a city hall property software system.
The downside i get from some users find it difficult navigating around because of how big it is and how many links to click to upload items or post content.

As for BoonEx if D7.1 is going to be a big thing i would intergrate it into BoonEx.com but maybe leave the home page of BoonEx as is.
Dolphin is about Uniting people and with features that Dolphin has would fit that slogan well for BoonEx.com...my opinion anyways.
Thanks for the update...We're waiting for some teaser screenshots of 7.1 lol
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