Not to be negative, or overly skeptical Andrew, but you've already said Boonex would be powered by Dolphin in the past but it didn't happen.

About - I'm sorry, but I hate the way this site is now. There are some things that I really like - like the way comments are shown & the pics showing who liked a post - but I find this site nearly unusable for the most part. It is not at all user friendly.

I look forward to Dolphin 7.1 though so thanks for the update : )
I agree. I can get around in the new Boonex but it's not fast or enjoyable.

Not using Dolphin for Boonex is a big red flag to your user base saying that you don't think Dolphin is good enough for you.

Plus, you wouldn't have to pull developers away from Dolphin if you used Dolphin! It's simply ludicrous.
Andrew Boon
We have always been looking at possibility o f using Dolphin at and normally we'd keep using iterations of "Trident" framework to custom-build BoonEx pages. The reason for that almost always came from time contraints - we had to rely on existing BoonEx code to build faster.

Now, however, we decided to "bridge" Dolphin 7 with Trident and finally focus on one and only platform. The work is be doen as we speak and this time around ti definitely will be just Dolphin see more everywhere.
Well the idea of using Dolphin here strikes me as a very good one & always has. It would really help to be able to root out bugs, increase speed, security etc.. It would even provide a platform by which the developers can test out new features and functions in advance of putting them in an official release. There is a huge user base here that can act as beta testers by default that way.

Does using Dolphin for mean we are looking at a facelift here on Unity again then too? (I'm see more assuming Unity will replicate Dolphin) (?)
Andrew Boon
Yes, it would certainly change the way looks. What we are trying to do is to make default Dolphin package work for BoonEx needs. Obviously license activation won't be a default package module, but everything else would. This is a challenging task, but we have finally settled our opinion on a few "principal" aspects that should make it happen. I will start posting details very soon.
Very cool - thanks for the update!
Bought a permanent licence and I cannot make work any of my widget. I cannot register them. I am receiving undefined message.
I have to agree with you theguypc, i'm sure the activity is much higher and much more frequent than the demo site itself will ever be
Besides the tickets is that where alot of delay time came in from releasing next versions? BoonEx working on multiple platforms at one time.
I like the idea of bridging D7 with Trident :)
I need help with all my widget. I cannot register anything.
please submit pre-sale ticket
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