Just a couple of suggestions from a mods buyer's point of view whilst using the Market place:

- It will be great to have on the product's info. section fields showing the web browsers compatibility of the product.

IMHO, a lot of time will be saved from the buyer having to send messages to vendors to find out which browsers the product is compatible with and also from the vendors having to reply to such routine question.

- It will also be good to know the 'last logon date' of the product's see more vendor so that buyers can make better informed decision based on this as an indication of how active the vendor is on Boonex.com and by inference the propensity of having a product enquiry response in reasonable time from the vendor.

ie. as an indication, it will be more likely for the buyer to have a product enquiry response from a vendor who was logged in within a week than from one who has not logged in for a year.

Just a couple of observations on this.

Thanks once again for all the hard work by the Boonex team and also those of the extension mods vendors helping us in our community websites development endeavours. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to D7.1
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