Hello Andrew and Boonex staff,

I need to have information about the products pages: featured, popular, most popular, hot.

Why it appears ever products with very few reviews?
What is the logic of visualization?
Why it's changed?

Our modules were always present in the pages featured, hot, staff pick (here Spywall was in the first position).
Why is this ranking is completely different?

We have published for about 10 days the ads.
The statistics are very disappointing: about 1 click see more per 100 impressions, even though we are average, 4 or 5 developers that use your ads service.
I believe that this method of advertising is not working with us but also for Boonex (only 4 / 5 publishers..what's the business??).
We can also publish the announcement 30 days a month, but what would be the result?

Since it was updated this market, as also mod4dolphin said, sales were down 80%.

Finally we would like to suggest to add the ability of discount coupons. This would help a lot in the case of offers or for customer who have already buyed one or more extensions.

Thank you for your attention.
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