Andrew Boon
First off, we're working hard to postpone this unfortunate event as much as possible. With any luck by the time it happens Dolphin/BoonEx would attract enough community interest and involvement to make it self-sustainable.

If, however, this happens earlier than expected everything will go on as planned. So, don't worry, there're other people in BoonEx and there will be more, too.
Nathan Paton
I have wondered what would happen if the company itself ceased to exist, and no other company continued development. I have no faith in the community contiung any development that would ensure this software's continued existence.

BoonEx is the main (and in most cases the only) contributor to development. I'd like to see a more open development process where the community can at least play some part other than making suggestions and hoping for an implementation of needed features and enhancements.

I see more have no reason to doubt that site owners would manage to find a way, most likely through third-party developers who can hack up the code to keep it improving as much as possible.

I'm sure some third-party community would also spring-up, providing some form of support and modifications, but I do not see an actual, community-based development team forming and being able to remain stable enough to deliver something.

If such a situation ever arose, I see people as either hiring developers to maintain the code for their individual sites, remaining on unchanging code and stagnating, or moving to some other solution that is backed either by an open company, strong community, or both.
Andrew Boon
it's one seriously big subject to discuss... As you may guess we'd be happy to have more community developers helping and working with us. The main obstacle, however, is and always was Dolphin itself. Over years we involved up to hundred different developers to work on it. That mostly caused problems. Best parts of Dolphin were created by just a few.

So, now we want to clean up the code, reuse only the best parts and give Dolphin a new life, focusing on separating as much as possible into modules. see more Once that is done, we'd have more flexibility in involving community developers without need for counterproductively-tight supervision.
well the question is about "leadership" will it become Nokia-Elop thing? for good or bad...
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