If you're asking if I think Dolphin should have Facebook and Twitter integration built into it, not just as a plugin, my answer is unquestionably YES. I'm not saying that because I'm a Facebook junkie, but purely for business reasons given the reality of the market and an understanding of trends and how to profit by them. You can't sit through any given 3 minutes of other company's TV commercials without seeing references to Facebook and Twitter. They're everywhere and integrated into everything. see more I say don't be bitter about that, and don't wait for that fact to change. Rejoice in the possibilities and make them work for you just like all the other wise corporations that want to be a part of the biggest picture or travel on the fastest train.

Also, learn from them. What made them so successful and grow so fast? Clearly, neither were the first social platform or instant messaging service. But they were the most intelligent. Both understood three things:

1-Find a universal need and fill it better than what came before
2-Keep it simple
3-Make it work

Don't bother trying to beat them at number 1 if you want to stick to social networking, unless you have oil-fields type money! But successfully coexisting is another matter in niche markets as long as you take care of numbers 2 and 3. This is where Dolphin has been weak in the past and I'm happy with the decision to rebuild it. I think that's our only hope.

Dolphin should be designed to be simple to use and the code should be rock solid. Facebook and Twitter both knew this from the get-go. One of the biggest complaints I got when trying to build a membership base was that it was too confusing - not user friendly. People just aren't willing any more to give something a second chance. With the first frustration they move on. A recent new comedy show never made it past the fourth episode! This is the truth of the world we have to do business in. Why go to your site if they can already do it on Facebook or Twitter without the aggravation, and on top of that know that their friends will be there with them. Interconnection, ladies and gentlemen, is the first key.

The next key is to do well what FB&T don't do. Neither provides the possibility for a member to have a shopping cart, or to conduct SKYPE quality video chats and webinars. And unfortunately, these things, which would allow a Dolphin owner to attract FB&T users, are the things that in the program are the weakest. What good is a cart that can't sell tangible goods or sell to Non-members!! And who can be bothered trying to conduct a video chat when you're spending most of the time complaining in frustration over the dropouts (at least that's been my experience, and I have one of the fastest cable connections going).

So, Andrew, I hope I've provided you with some food for thought. I started with Dolphin over 2 years ago and have been praying ever since it would finally live up to its promise - to be a social platform anyone could own and use to make a real difference in the world. As it stands now, It's only something that has consumed a great deal of my precious time in tweaks and updates while I wait for that day.
Andrew Boon
Grat advice, thank you. The more we work on it, the more we realize that Dolphin success depends on simplicity and UI intuitiveness a lot more than features set. Facebook works and that makes it a success. I believe we have some good improvements coming.
Thank you for your reply, and for considering my suggestions. I look forward to seeing what's ahead.
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