I think some would be good to have but you don't want to give any indication that Dolphin is trying to be another facebook cause people may look at the site and leave.
When facebook launched it was unique...it was something different and that's why they got over 700 million users or whatever the number is so having too many facebook features/plugins wouldn't make the site as unique as it could be.

Sorry to those who are fb lovers but i think facebook is a huge attention seeker and will do everything see more it can to get users and the more they do it the more possesed people become and will loose touch with everything else.
There are some sites out there that require a facebook account for security purposes (look at virtapay.com) for example.

Dolphin is unique in it's own way, keep it this way :)
Find out what people like that facebook don't have, find out what people are doing and provide tools that would make it easier for them to share.
Wolf - I don't think you understood - they were not talking about Dolphin "being another Facebook" they were talking about letting people log in to our custom sites with Facebook credentials.
Andrew Boon
Not only that. Wolf has got it right. Dolphin is a platform that can be used to build a "Facebook alternative" but the big question is whether it should shy away from that image or maximise it.

I believe that it can be better than Facebook.
see moreI think the developers should be the ones to make that decision on weather they want their site to expand the image or remove it.
I've seen alot of people not liking the facebook idea in Dolphin but you want to go outside of BoonEX itself and see what people are looking for.
Do people like interacting with facebook outside of facebook.com and if so what do they interact with most.
This could apply for other well established websites as well.
Brainstorm how they'd work than gather public feedback.
Alan Stewart
I feel that they can not be ignored. That would be like shooting our own foot. We can find spaces to create beachheads and be a better service fighting from within not from the outside. Winning our own place and building our own digital cultures.
You would be making a big mistake allowing your users to log with their facebook credentials. The problem when you do this is you're giving away business to facebook! Am I the only one who is competing against facebook? Wake up and see what facebook does to it's once biggest advertisers like groupon. Wonderful idea, so if they can't buy you out, they become your competitor! They are like the oil men of the early 1900, telephone companies of the 1950's, Airline of the 1970's, etc., Who ever see more is reading this comment, there is a new market out there for social networking sites that will slowly erode at facebooks users, etc., They are called boutique sites, social networking sites that cater to housewives, cooks, etc.,
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