The times they are a changing...

There is a a saying that ALL owners of social networks should listen to. "keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer."

Facebook is too big to compete with..... so.... don't try to compete with it. Use it to your own advantage. Even if your members love your site... even if they love it more than the mighty Facebook, the are still going to use facebook, so let them use it... from within your site.

If a member can view their facebook from see more within your site you are technically stealing facebooks advertising time. For every minute they are on your site looking at their facebook that is a minute more advertising revenue for your site because they are logged into your site!

Also.... SSHHhhhh.... Facebook has allowed some HUGE and I mean HUGE groups of 100,000 or more to grow on its nework. These people are all in one place waiting to be plucked away e-masse!
I asked for the "membership voucher codes" mod to be built just because of this. All the groups are targered or themed on Facebook, they have been proficient at encouraging this. It is now possible to enter or join a facebook group with a similar interest to your site. This gives you INSTANT acceess to 100,000 possible members in one place. Make your site premium (charge for it). Then make a "voucher Code" allowing a years FREE membership. Then leak the code into the group on Facebook and see what happens.

WE all like a bargain or somthing for nothing. It's human nature. If someone gives me a free code for somthing I am interested in and I can save $20 and like the site anyway.... IM GOING TO JOIN!...... simples.

Personaly I do think the days of the smaller social network are not over... I think they are just beginning...

Hope this helps.

Andrew Boon
Oh, that's one really interesting topic to tinker.... how we can use Facebook and what we can do to lure visitors from Facebook to Dolphin sites in bunches and how we can automate that. This one needs a separate discussion at some stage. Thanks for bringing it up!
its the philosophy behind the marketing stratergy for our site. Facebook are basicaly handing it to us on a plate. We just have to know how to take it, and need to tools to take it. This is what I have been trying to develop. Where else is my dance site going to find 100,000 dancers in one place?

we launch sept1st and before that date we will have mugged FB for a lot of members. Once we have 10-20,000 members from FB we STOP issuing free voucher codes and their friends will have to pay to join..... see more simples.
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