You guys are looking at Facebook from a personal perspective. Look at it from a business/partnership perspective, at the end of the day it’s all about growing your own site. If you can take advantage of Facebook/Google to even get one member on your site I think it’s worth a try. My opinion, we should keep all options on the table especially when you’re fighting an uphill battle for membership.

Someone already stated this and I’ll say it too. Rather than integrating Facebook it into Dolphin, see more have it as a module method. Let the third party build the add-on to Facebook.
No, If it is to be included as a module then Boonex should build it.
Andrew Boon
Yes, there will be a Facebook module from BoonEx. We're trying to figure out how much is to be included.
what about deanos Facebook modules,i think is ok,i want to have it,to get members,when u look around big site like yahoo,and other big social network use it not as for anything but making it flexible for their users,
Andrew Boon
There's a difference between 3rd party modules and default modules. Adopting 3rd party modules requires a lot of refactoring. We expect to get many of those features working in D8.
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