I have an FB account as well, and it's really disheartening trying to compete with them, which even if you're not, you really are! I have a niche website for the LGBT community, yet they still seem to choose FB over my website instead of one that's built specifically for them, even though I'm fully integrated with FB. I think FB is just too big for their own britches, and if I had MY way, I wouldn't have anything to do with them. But what can you do when everyone else insists on it? As bad as this see more may sound, I really don't give a flip whether or not someone is currently driving to their aunts house or on their way out to eat or whatever they're doing on an hourly basis. It just drives me nuts when someone comes up with something else to make people web junkies more than they already are. Don't people have real lives anymore?! I don't want anyone to be a junkie of my website, but it would be nice if they would use it. Okay, done venting!!! :)
Now that I think about it, I'm probably not popular because I don't allow sexual pics, vids and stuff on my site. Sex sells, everything else is too boring I guess.
Andrew Boon
But Facebook doesn't allow sex either, no? There're ways to outsmart and outperform them. We can figure it out. We have great minds here :)
alot of people upload sexy pics on Facebook so let think somethingelse to make it working than facebook
You're very right, they don't allow sexy pics (at least the one's they see or get reported, I've been shocked a time or two what I have seen on there!) Yea, we do have some great minds around here, that's why I love Boonex!!
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