F^%!! FACEBOOK - only reason it took off is because the design was stupid simple and stupid people who knew nothing about computers could easily use it on the first try. there was no complex learning curve. like you would have found on myspace. you had to spend time and be user savey to figure out how to add the fancey profile html codes ect. The Key is we have to desgin a system that looks smart and sexy think "Apple Products" That Are Dumb stupid easy to operate. most dolphin sites see more are in the opposite direction way to many mods and features. this stuff excites tech savey people like me and you but scares the hell out of everyday surfers. the truth is we are some of the smartest people online but if we make our user base face reality on how dumb they are in logic they will not use your site and go use a site thats easyier. at this point you dont want to be the next face book. you want to fill a niche. a specialty market and then spread from there and grow. my sites are not the largest 10,000 Plus Members but i get stead new signups every day like clock work. i have boycotted all facebook plugin for mysite, i dont want anything to do with them. facebook users are cheap and provide very little profit. not the type of user im looking for... im looking for members who have a problem and need a solution. "my social networks are the solution" follow that rule you will find users and the money!

Also Design a site with a female user in mind Goes a long way the core user base of facebook was females. the key demograpihs of apple is female same thing for plentyoffish and the new powerhouse "Groupon. all have one thing in common it appeals to women. influence them the men will follow and so will the cash! Facebook users lack money so i would not be in a hurry to add them to my site.

Also sites that run as a dictatorship and sensor user comments and expression fail at some point. same thing that has happened in governments.

Yours Truly Kane:
Andrew Boon
Simple design, yes, but not only that contributed to FB success. If you study it and try to reverse-engineer a bit, it makes good sense. Not that it can't be done better, but its structure is decent. It still confuses people, but it's not too bad. It works.

"Dumb stupid" to operate products happen to require "super smart" ideas to make them happen. I can't even explain how difficult it may be to clean "developer's" head and think outside of the box, even when you see more know you have to. Well, now I believe we have a nice thing coming in that respect.
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