FB is being backed by US (and other) Governments, because it is a huge database of detailed information about you, me and everybody else. An easy way of gathering info for whatever purpose they have in mind. They are doing the same thing with Google.

But Facebook, like any other EMPIRE, will eventually go down. Recent reports from responsible media, claim that they are not gaining, but loosing ground FAST. (AT the rate of close to 6 million users this year alone)

I think we all love to be see more part of an EMPIRE when it's going up, growing... But when you perceive the presence of an eventual fall, it's time to carefully and elegantly distance yourself, to avoid being sucked with the downdrafts.

That being said; FB is still the most powerful source (by far) of what we all crave for... The mystic unicorn...

MEMBERS for our sites.
Andrew Boon
Backed by government doesn't mean much today. Internet is fluid, it's all about trends, fashion, self expression. Truly we should look at ways to get "members for our sites" out from there.
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