I'm the owner of onlymeworld.com the new alternative to facebook. Regardless of what the figures are saying, there is a market out there for competition. Over the past few years, facebook has continued to upset their users as they add on privacy features first before telling anyone. The problem also with facebook is they have grown to big, they have lost touch with what their users really want. As North America and the EU governments start to open formal investigations regarding facebooks privacy see more violations, etc., like microsoft, facebook to will be told to knock it off or break it up!

Over the past few weeks, my site according to alexa, and of course what I'm seeing personally in my admin panel is a 1500% growth. All thanks to users who are switching over from facebook to my site.

Andrew Boon if you ever read this comment, I'd like to thank you for creating boonex. Sometimes I get upset and frustrated with the programs & software, and even more upset with the 3rd party modules and developers. But between you and I, my success is thanks to the company you create because my site is a boonex child! Thank You Very Much.

P.S. Interested In Teaming Up WIth Me Against Facebook?
Andrew Boon
There's definitely plenty of opportunities. Facebook helped to attract millions of people from caches and TVs to computers and we're benefiting from it, and will benefit even more when Facebook fatigue sets in.

As for teaming up :), thank you for the offer. We really need to stick to Dolphin though. Also it is a good idea to fight FOR something instead of AGAINST something. Always works better.
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