Of course, there is another point to be made here.... When was the last time you knew facebook to be unreliable? When was the last time you logged on and it ran slowly or the apps didnt work? personaly for me this has never happened on facebook (I do only use it a couple of mins a day though).

Sometimes, before looking at someone elses house its best to get your own house in order. I'm not saying dolphin is rubbish... Far from it - I have a site that can do things i only dreamed of before, but see more there are things it should be able to do that i cant and these are the things that should allow me to compete with other social networks.

Dolphin just needs to be controlled and steered in the right direction. I have spent over $600 on mods that I can NOT use, buy developers that are not AUDITED with products that are NOT tested. Facebook wouldnt do this... if they did then there would be no facebook. I have invested 9 months of my life and over $17000 so far and am still going. I am taking a HUGE risk on dolphin, which I know can compete with the likes of facebook and return my investment manyfold if it is controlled and business on here is conducted in a good and constructive manner.

Use facebook and take from it what you need, as I have mentioned before in this post, but I would like to call now for Auditing of developers - for audited beta testing of mods - for a customer service charter and for boonex to take more responsibillity for the market. When this happens your house will fall into order and will be able to compete and grow.

Andrew Boon
When "deconstructing" the way Facebook is build we've learnt to appreciate the amount of work that has been done to build it. Like it or hate it, but from developer's point of view Facebook is a massive achievement on its own and it presents everyone with a serious challenge of building fast sites that work flawlessly. There's no place for messy houses these days, that's for sure.
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