We too have been pondering the evolution of the booming social networking phenomena and have concluded that the old days where social networking is isolated to a handful of huge social networking websites are numbered. We believe that the logical extension of social networking is that it will begin to permeate across the entire internet and into every conceivable type of website (even horse websites like ours). Over time, we expect to see that all types of websites will naturally begin to adopt see more more and more social networking features/components although social networking will likely not be the sole/primary focus of the website. For example, our website ( is all about horses and we have a community section which uses dolphin 7.06 however we also have other sections of the site for classifieds, pedigrees, articles, store etc. So we've embraced the social networking phenomena but our primary focus is horses and not social networking. Therefore we expect social networking to continue its exponential growth and eventually, it will become too large for an isolated subset of pure social networking websites and will become more and more dispersed across websites of every conceivable type, size, and focus.
Andrew Boon
Absolutely agree and this is the big "second coming" we're all waiting for. It does, however, appear that the "third temple" we need to build for it to come is federation of social graph. Lots of bright people are working on it and some breakthrough is imminent.
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