Andrew, I understand this kind of frustration and I think many here feel the same. It's hard to beat an Agency backed company with over $ 512 million working capital and 30 000 servers. The only thing I know is that it will collapse at one point(rather sooner than later). When it comes through that FB is data gathering whore people will wake up. Last month millions left FB in the USA and Canada. It was only built for the purpose of gathering data and it will be usaed against the members there and see more still the masses are wandering willingly to the slaughterhouse.

You were far ahead of FB and features and even one of a former FB developer came here (seemingly) looking for a job. That had alarm bells ringing.

The international MSM are dogs on a leash and they are stiff scared about anything that could harm their $$$ or the $$$ of their pupeteers. Your kind of program is one of it they are afraid of apart from alternative media. I also believe the attacks you have experienced are false flag attacks.

Avoid it like the pest. I know these are hard words but we're facing also a hard reality of unpleasant events.

All the biggies(google's Erich Schmidt, Bill Gates, the co founder of FB, Amazon and others were at the builderberg meeting in Swizerland 2 weeks ago, guess what will happen soon. It's all about screwing ... screwing and screwing.

Keep up you great work and lets find ways when the big censorship starts to keep it safe and up. I guess some alternative European, Russian or Chinese IPs and internet not depending on US server will do the trick. Long way to go ...

I also believe that soon your script will be one of the only alternatives to the biggies and niches will perform well.

Maybe after you have started version 8 make 7 a complete open source. Others will contribute perfectly fine and in fact you have a chance to have 2 distinct programs up and running. Just do that via your site. Lots of contributions will complement version 8 then too.

For webmaster I think we have to forget a positive commercial effect for the time being. At the moment it's an information war going on and govts try to get a handle on it. I'm discussing this with lots of people at the moment and the thrreats are real and many false flag attacks are used to lul us into censorship.

Think Freedom - think Boonex
Andrew Boon
As for "complete" open source (I assume you mean some of the more popular licenses that don't require payment for anything), we keep reassessing our policy regularly and would go GPL(or alike) in heartbeat as soon as we see it possible.
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