We could always inject a bit of humour into dolphin with the "Dislike" "You must be Joking" or the "you are having a laugh" buttons. Actually the spoof buttons I made up and put on FB were much ruder and much more funny.

If you want to link emotion with a button just have a "Love" button. It could be used to express the love of a concept or an idea, to ecpress love of an Item such as a car or a video, or to express love of a person or place. Hey... stick see more a little heart logo on it whilst you are at it and you are onto a winner!

You could also think (bumper sticker) here. I have seen them... "I love my car" "I love my dog" "I love peanut butter"... Have an editable button with an "I" heart logo "editable text" so I can make a button that says "I love Chocolate" if i wish to.

Just a thought.
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