If you're a student and need to get information on a assignment you have to complete you'll want to subscribe to that information however it's based on a topic you don't "Like"

I like the idea of a slider mentioned by DosDawg.

Slider Value:
0: -Ok (Not yet subscribed nor liked)
1: Subscribed (Subscribed to content)
2: Like (Likes content)
3: +Ok (Like and subscribe to content)

3 screenshots here http://ge.tt/904MOQ5?c

-Ok is good cause you're stating that you don't like see more and don't want feeds on such content.
+Ok is good cause you're stating that you do like and want to subscribe to such content.

But it's important that you don't force a subscription to someone who doesn't want to subscribe but just likes the content.
This is hence the reason for the Customize option
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