Wou wou wou wou wou and wou again. I leaved Boonex for only some hours and when I was back I found all of this. I am REALLY impressed and excited. One thing. Only one. Yes I started that post and yes I tried to do my best to support it. But I think there should a place to name aneilaDesign for that initiative and not only me. I supported it and I believed in that and I tried to write as much info as possible giving to it a good amount of my time. But the idea, the very first idea, is from aneilaDesign. see more So Andrew I really think this is a great thing what you are doing now. But at least please add HER name on this post. That would be the very right thing to do. Thanks anyway for this fantastic news. I am impressed all of this came out in less than a week. This is a revolution =)
Andrew Boon
We thank aneilaDesign a lot! :)

Anyway, it's really not about credits - there's a lot to be done to make it work and we're glad that members help us with this.
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