I like this latest attempt at trying to clean up the market place, making things uniform and standardized.

I can see things from both the developer and the customer point of view.

I have shied away from adding mods because it has been my experience that most mods are not what they are cracked up to be and in the event they do not work the way I hoped, I not only lose my original investment, but then I have to take the time and effort to try to un-install them and clean up the mess they left see more behind.

Having a trial period or a 30 day money back guarantee would go a long way to restore confidence in the market place.

From a customer point of view, I am not interested how great something works on a developer's demo site, my concern is how they work on MY sites.

Boonex could show some real confidence in the modders by adding the approved mods to UNITY and demo them from there. That might level the playing field in a hurry and weed out the rubbish from the usable mods.
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