Wow, how exciting....and I just posted this idea last night on my site for some here to read. The concept is very much like how operates their MOD database, granted it still and always had its issues, however it happens to be far more controlled than I have seen any website script with a modular system. The idea I posted, though went a little deeper, and certainly offered far greater benefit to the Authors than the risk of the Moderator getting a "free" module.

I think see more everyone should allow the ideas to mature into a complete process before they start denying its success.

Listed below are the ideas coming to mind, in which I see benefiting everyone:

Validation Process:
-Ensure release maintains proper file structure, compatibility with the latest release(backwards compatibility is not necessary, but if stated that it works with older versions, then it needs to be tested as such.), secure, and working as advertised.
-Process includes Installation, Testing, and Security checks
-If module passes all tests, a certificate is issued validating the mod works. If new version of Dolphin is released, then mod needs to be resubmitted for validation(possibly when errors start being reported or when author becomes absent or unresponsive for extended period of time).

With the license system as it is, I am sure there is a way for boonex to also validate the version in which members are using. With this extended version knowledge, the Market place can then be set to only display products that are compatible with members dolphin version. This will eliminate the "I didn't see it" excuse.

Author Ranks:
There should be two modes of ranking an author, his module itself and separately, his support. This are two completely different. With my years involved in the PHP world, I have seen MANY awesome developers, however their level of support was literally the worst.

With these processes in mind, Boonex can in turn start a review process(articles) of Modules and Authors. This creates new content for the site, which brings more search successes. And in turn brings new Dolphin fans.

Author sales will increase as the potential buyer will know that the product is in fact compatible with his version. But also with the ranking system, the potential buyer gets a better understanding of what to expect if they need support.

With the testing, reviewing the code, etc involved, I think for a little bit of additional advertising AND validation from the Dolphin staff...a free module is their payment for services. Just like money is your payment for developing..

And further suggestions: Any modules not validated, will be priced to what the Moderators suggest, all modules validated will be priced at what the author wants.

BETA Testers Incentive:
-The validation team will install all beta versions
-the level of necessary testing will determine the number of points the beta is worth, which will be deemed by the validation team
--All new errors found is worth the Full point value(Steps to repeat error must be posted)
---all errors verified is worth 25% of total points
---Any bugs is worth 10% of total points

Accumulated points can then be used by the beta team members to either purchase a Module, or receive a great discount. 1 point = 1 dollar

All these suggestions are merely ideas off the top of my head....and I have alot. Just ask someone that got this started. ;)

Good Luck,
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