Sorry to say this Blake, however, doing a google search you are only one positive compared to 1000 negatives. When I originally looked into Dolphin, several links found on google was "DOLPHIN IS A SCAM!!!" There are more negative reviews due to dishonest developers than there are positive. You are one of the few lucky ones. But all it takes is one negative experience to change your mind. They teach you that in customer service.

Now although I agree that providing a Trial Download is see more more troublesome and unmotivating, I would also like to add that it will certainly opening doors to piracy. I do think that for every purchase/download, there should be an agreement, in which everyone is displayed, that pretty much states, that ALL downloads can react differently according to host settings etc. As for Authors and their customer support? I think support as it is, is not clearly defined, there are no direct links from the download page to the forums related to that download. Most downloads mentions no means of contacting Author. And certainly ALL the downloads I have purchased have no instructions or mention of contact or support. Some downloads mentions old URL's that are no longer operational...but either way, the product might be great, but the support is what makes the purchase worth its price.

My two cents,
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